About Gilly

Personally for me I love sharing a cocktail with the people I love. Whether it be out in a bar or at home on the sofa in my pyjamas there is something about the phrase “ Fancy a cocktail “ which always puts a smile on my face.

Cocktails for me are fun and exciting, watching those beautiful flavours all mix together is really something special.

However I am also one of life’s perpetual dieters. I actually can’t remember a time when I wasn’t watching my weight, normally go down and back up again. So more often than not it was a spirit and diet mixer which would be my go to choice or a sod it lets shove all of the calories in my mouth and wake up feeling full of regret when I stepped on the scales.

So I thought actually why can’t we have the best of both worlds enjoying delicate beautifully blended cocktails without the guilt.

So after many late nights, losing my spare room to my new office, making my friends and family taste and try every combination possible to ensure it was perfect. Having a few large and some small “can I actually do this “meltdowns and being talked back down by all the fabulous people in my life.

Slim Gilly’s was born.

About our cocktails

Here at Slim Gilly’s we’ve been working hard to create the perfect easy to drink low calorie cocktail. Our cocktails offer a delicious alternative to the norm, without compromising on flavour or strength.

Our cocktails are made by simply blending sparkling water, premium spirits and delicious 100% natural essences.

No added artificial sweeteners or additives help to create that delicate fresh flavour.

At only 90 calories per bottle, we think it’s just too good not to give us a try!

So ask yourself……

"Are you ready for something new?" Slim Gilly's | Low Calorie Cocktails
Gilly Lowe | Slim Gilly's Low Calorie Cocktails
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